Time & attendance

The Time & attendance application is based on two principles, the automation and ergonomics of a mobile and collaborative interface, for optimized monitoring of absence requests and individual and collective schedules. 

Why choose our Time & attendance application ?

Forecast Scheduling of Times

  • Management of theoretical calendars
  • Automatic generation of provisional planning of activity times
  • Management and allocation by perimeters and population
  • Management of working time regimes: fixed days, volume of hours
  • Event configuration without impact on time and absence management

    Declaration and validation of times

    • Several time recording modes
    • Time Sheet and Activity Report (CRA) in the Validation Services Companies
    • On-call management
    • Count of hours
    • Count of days for executives
    • Checks and locks on entry
    • Pop-up alerts, notifications and communication
    • Validation workflow and dashboards for the manager
    • Validation and electronic signature of timesheets
    • Table monitoring and counting hours for the employee and the manager
    • Impressions of timesheets
    • Reports and dashboards

    Post reference period treatment

    • Automatic transfer of data to payroll or other internal systems
    • Management rules and configuration easily editable by the HR/ Administrators team without a line of code
    • Reports and notification alerts
    • GTA features on tablet / mobile
    • User interface customized to your company

    Leave of absence management

    • Management of different types of absences
    • Absence request workflow with approval circuit
    • Several ways to enter absences
    • Management of administrator direct access absence management parameters (click-to-click configuration)
    • Administrative follow-up of certain types of absences
    • Synchronizing counters with the payroll system
    • Calculation of forecast balances and counters according to your rules

    Main features

    Rules of management and configuration directly customizable by the HR team (without a single line of code)

    • Time cycles, working hours etc.
      Internal rules (collective agreement, company agreement, practices & uses)
    • Control rules and input verification

    On-call management

    • Display on the calendar on the day or period
    • Entering on-call hours with the application of specific settlement and management rules
    • Entering comments or uploading credentials

    Several time recording modes

    • Virtual badge on the workstation
    • Declarative / Timesheet
    • Automatic time import from a virtual badger system

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