Our Mission


for corporate digital transformation

Crosstalent develops and uses innovative solutions for corporate digital transformation, particularly in the area of applications:

  • Management of competencies and organizations,
  • Strategic and operational coordination of the HR function,
  • Job mobility and development of collective competencies,
  • Management of transformations.

These innovations are based on structural trends which are currently impacting companies and employees:

  • electronic capture of business processes
  • development of collaborative work and social networks
  • rapid expansion of Cloud computing.

Crosstalent has designed and developed MetaHRMS®, a multi-source, multi-format and multi-country consolidation platform of HR data for agile management of the HR function.


Crosstalent does not do off-the-peg.
Crosstalent does not sell consultants’ reports.
Crosstalent really does work from scratch.

Why? Because Crosstalent’s customers are working executives and managers. Operational staff who are already achieving results in their own environment, managing the constraints placed on them and starting to deal with the challenges facing them. Because Crosstalent’s customers already have access to applications (HRIS, Process, Reporting, etc.). Because Crosstalent’s customers are keen to find new inexpensive solutions which will build on previous developments and can be adapted as necessary.

The Crosstalent teams are backed by their experiences and perceptions , the expertise of their strategic partners, technological advances and practical experience. They use “agile development” concepts, in the sense that the solutions are formulated with “hands-on” input from the customer.

Indicators in an HR dashboard for example must be modifiable on the spot as HRD requirements change.

It must be possible to adjust the agenda of a Department seminar immediately according to the wishes of its sponsor.

It must take only a few hours to upgrade the applications for monitoring a mobility platform, voluntary redundancy plan or major moving/relocation operation while the applications themselves are being deployed.

Crosstalent therefore only works on a made to measure basis. Crosstalent does not begin a relationship by billing for a report on what it thinks might be worth trying… Crosstalent starts with what is already there and works with its customer, based on scenarios and the customer’s objectives, to upgrade, supplement or modify applications, or to create specific new ones. The efficiency of an application lies above all in its use value.