Brice Mallié – Co-founder and Partner

Brice started his career with international consulting firms in the 1990s (Arthur Andersen, Ernst & Young) before joining BPI group, a leader in human resources consultancy and services. He held various management positions, including that of CEO and is a graduate of the London School of Economics.

In 2012, Brice founded Crosstalent with other partners to provide innovative solutions in the area of employment, transformation management and HRM systems.

Henri Saslawsky – Co-founder and Partner

Henri has worked in information systems development and management for 20 years, in particular for auctioneers, the OECD and EDF. He then became Information Systems Director of BPI group, where he developed innovative HR applications.

Since 2010 he has been helping HRDs and Sales Directors migrate their applications and processes to the Cloud, in particular Salesforce development environments.

François Rajaud – Partner

François has specialised in HR since the 1980s and worked in turn at Crédit Agricole, Bordas/Dunod, NMPP (now Presstalis) and then Groupama. Since 2000 he has been HRD at Groupama SA, then MD of Groupama Logistque & Achats.

He joined the Board in 2012 to give Executive Management and HRDs the benefit of his experience in management practices, social relations, HR development and work environments.