Crosstalent’s partners all have over 20 years’ experience in managing corporate, team, product offering transformations, etc. Whether these changes are implemented against a background of growth, change of scope or restructuring, they are always based on appropriate and scalable practices, methods and applications.


Crosstalent is involved at every stage of a transformation project, working alongside the project team and theinitiators of change:

  • Upstream on the planning and preparation of the project
  • During the actual project, encouraging employees to get on board, comply withconsultation of the IRPs, implementing the changes in process and working methods with the local managers.
  • Downstream on feedback, lessons learnt and success evaluation.


Methods of mobilisation, communication, training and change initiatives have never been as highly developed as they are today, mainly due to digitisation.

Our teams use all the following levers to manage change: social media, online surveys and polls, webcasts, e-learning, business games, visual management and lean management methods, team building, programme management office (PMO), etc.