HR Analysis & Innovation

Single database/Economic and employment database (French legal requirement)

The French Job Security Actincluded a component on which consensus was reacheda priori in the National Multi-Industry Agreement (ANI) of January 2013: the “single database” for the IRPs. It must be introduced no later than next June in companies with over 300 employees.

New constraint or creation of new opportunities?


HRDs and the SDB

There is only a short time left before the HRDs of companies with over 300 employees have to make the new Single Database available to the staff representatives. What progress have they made? How are they going about it? What solutions does the market offer?

Crosstalent reviews the contacts it has established with around a hundred companies.


Compulsory new interviews

“Annual appraisals” were not compulsory, but the new “annual interviews” are. The Act of 5 March 2014 which instituted them even stipulates a penalty for non-compliance with this new obligation.

How can companies comply?
Preparations needed to implement a suitable system?


Electronic capture of HR files ?

Hot topic, “zero” paper myth or dream about to become reality, the electronic capture of HR files has once again become a subject of pressing concern for HRDs.
Smoke and mirrors? Or a real source of productivity?

As with many other issues, the HR function requires applications and methods to improve its efficiency in this area.